PUBG Mobile Season 17 Royal Pass Rewards - RP 100 Guardian Armor Set

PUBG MOBILE is the most played battle royal game. PUBG MOBILE has always been very strong with new events and new outfits as well as new emotes. Season 17 come with new outfits and emotes are going to come. It is believed that these new outfits and emotes will come in a royal pass of season 17. 

According to this, the Royal Pass of Season 17 is going to be very tremendous. We got to see some leaks from season 17 on youtube. We can say that whether it comes in Royal Pass or crates, these emotes are very cool.

With Season 17 you will also get to see the new lobby theme.What is this new lobby theme going to be, it is not yet known. You can see the photo of the new lobby theme: 

Season 4 outfits will be seen in the Royal Pass Season 17 crate. If you have missed the outfits of Season 4 Royale Pass, then this time you have a chance to get these outfits. In the new season, you will get to see a new PMGC frame and New Year frame, both of which are amazing frames.
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