PUBG MOBILE 1.3 New Special Rythm hero Mode

So the new mode is going to come in the v1.3 update of pubg mobile. The name of this mode is going to be Hundred rhythm or it is going to be rhythm mode. You will get this new pubg mobile update on 9th March. Like the last update, this time also we will be given three new abilities, out of which we have to choose one. 

As before, whenever you are on Spawn Island before the match starts, you will get these ablities to choose. The first is Hacker Night, the second is Guardian and the third is Survivor. There are three levels of all three capabilities. We can upgrade it with a material that we will get along with loot.

 Hacker Knight : 
  • Sonic Scan (Level 1) – Use to throw a detector that mark enemies 
  •  Encore (Level 2) – When this skill is activated, recover health when defeating the enemies you marked. 
  • Sound burst(Level 3)- Give yourself a boost of prolonged charge whenever you marked an enemy. While boosted , your attack deals continuous damage to enemies . 
  • Music Barrier(Level1)- Use to place a music barrier core device that automatically erects an energy barrier that reduces the damage of bullets shooting from outside of the barrier.
  • Music Conversion(Level 2)- When used allies within the barrier will have their anargy charged
  • Pop Metal (Level 3)- Decreases the reland time of allies within the barrier. 
  • Stealth (Level 1) - Use the device to disguise yourself as a Ghillie Suit wearer. 
  • Surveillance(Level 2) -Use the device to monitor the surroundings and active reminders when enemies are approaching
  • Breathing Easy(Level 3) -Regulate your breathing to recover Health without getting injured and guin a boat while disguised.
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