PUBG Mobile Power Armor Mode : Here is the list of features available

PUBG Mobile has finally release the latest update 1.2 in the game on January 12th, 2021 and brought many changes in the game including new modes, weapons, new features, and more, now the most-awaited and exciting mode “Power Armor mode” in the EvoGround section has finally released in PUBG Mobile. Power Armor mode is one of the splendid advancements of PUBG Mobile in the Battle Royale classification. 

PUBG MOBILE - Upgrade your Tactics with Power Armor

It's perhaps the most foreseen game modes in PUBG Mobile, and players can bounce directly into the new Power Armor mode on February 5, 2021. Here are the subtleties players need to think about the new game mode. Power Armor mode offers players another approach to overwhelm the combat zone by collecting their high-level shield that awards them expanded versatility all through the match. 

PUBG Mobile Power Armor Mode:

Things you want to know - The players can play Power Armor mode only on the Livik map. Players should gather parts and amass their force protection in an uncommon lab. Three fundamental pieces are expected to fabricate these Power Armors and can be found in the Super Crates that drop close by customary airdrops all through the game. Players should battle for these pieces as the stockpile territories will be encircled by others. 

First Gameplay Of POWER ARMOR Mode

In the wake of gathering their Power Armors, players will acquire new capacities like Hyper jump which makes them leap higher without taking fall harm, and a capacity called "Dragon Breath," which permits them to impact their adversaries and wreck them. The Power Armor set comprises of three distinct things: The Power Arm, the Power Vest, and the Power Leg. Every segment has its remarkable attributes and can be bought or searched off of different players. Given that the gear is protection itself, it additionally decreased the harm that players take as they prepare it.

  • Power Arm: Heavy Punch permits you to thump down foes rapidly. 
  • Power Leg: Dash, fly forward a specific distance while noticeable all around. 
  • Power Vest: Overload, expands the greatest rucksack limit.

After the Power Armor has been effectively amassed, players will acquire new capacities like Hyperjump which permits one to bounce higher and take no fall harm. Another and uncommon capacity called 'Mythical beast Breath' will be opened which can knock off a rival in a solitary blow. 

Matrix Event:- 
  • Battle Hotspot: Matrix Crates and progressed supplies are here. Utilize this region to progress rapidly!
  •  Life Detector: Detects the area of close by adversaries 
  • Airdrops: Power Armor currently included to equip quicker!
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