PUBG Mobile Hacks: Millions of accounts banned permanently by PUBG Team

PUBG Mobile published the 22nd anti-cheating report on 6th February 2021. According to this report over 1,994,845 accounts are banned permanently and now these accounts will no more accessible. The report was published from the period 29th January 2021 to 4th February 2021. The first anti-cheating report was published on 29th August 2020 and after this PUBG Mobile regular publishing the report. In the last report, PUBG Mobile banned over 1,857,847 accounts for cheating. PUBG Mobile stated in the report that “Fact: Nothing is as satisfying as using the #BanPan permanently blocked 1,994,845 users from accessing our game.

 Here are the reasons why these accounts banned account permanently? 
  • X-ray Vision 
  • Auto-Aim Hacks 
  • Speed Hacks 
 Here are the types of accounts banned from 29th Jan to 4th Feb 21
  • 1%- Conqueror Accounts 
  • 5%- Ace Accounts 
  • 10%- Crown Accounts 
  • 12%- diamond Accounts
  • 13%- Platinum Accounts 
  • 11%- Gold Accounts 
  • 11%- Silver Accounts 
  • 37%- Bronze Accounts 
 Here is the list of banned cheats from 29th Jan to 4th Feb 21
  • 32% of the cheats were banned due to X-ray vision. X-ray vision is a type of cheat in which a player can check the position of the enemy through walls. 
  • 32% of the banned cheats due to the auto-aim usage means the cheater will be able to shoot the enemies using third party scripts.
  •  20% of the banned cheats due to speed hacks. 
  • 5% due to the Modification of Character Model.
  •  8%- Modification of Area Damage 2%- Reason not specified
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