Check phone hardware health in just five minutes

Everything works fine if you have a new smartphone, but after getting old, many problems start coming. If the phone is not performing properly or if there is any hardware-related problem, then you can check it yourself. There are many such apps on Google Play, with the help of which the health of the phone can be checked. 

TestM Hardware:

TestM Hardware is a useful app for testing hardware on Android devices. TestM has more than 20 test facilities. With its help, you can test the malfunction of the screen, sound, connectivity, motion sensor, camera, vibration motor, USB port, etc. Simply put, on the hardware front, TestM analyzes every component and works with over 14,000 Android devices. Not only this, apart from testing, it also provides diagnostic services. There are many troubleshooting steps to fix the problems occurring in the smartphone. All problems can be corrected. It also gives you a hardware diagnostic report to help you understand the problem better. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Test Your Android Hardware App: 

It is a unique app for testing Android devices. With its help, not only can you test Android smartphones and tablets, but you will also be able to test your Android watch. The app is quite simple to use. It provides more than 30 types of test facilities related to various hardware components and sensors. This includes Touch Screen Sensitivity, Fingerprint, Microphone, WiFi, GPS, CPU, Battery, etc. The app also has a diagnostic mode feature to fix dead pixels on the screen. In this, reports related to tests and monitors are also available. There are also some useful features on the top like a barcode scanner and a sound meter. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store

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