How to send high-quality photos on WhatsaApp to your loved ones

WhatsApp is a very famous instant messaging app that has billions of users worldwide. There are many awesome features available in WhatsApp to share photos, videos, and messages very easily with your dear ones. WhatsApp has also launched the "Payment" option in its latest update so that you can transfer money online very easily.

WhatsApp messaging application is very beneficial for users, but if we talk about the quality of photos shared by WhatsApp, then users look a bit disappointed because WhatsApp instead of sharing the original quality of the photos, shared compressed photos with your contacts you want to share photos. However, it is also good in some ways because by being compressed, your data is saved and secondly, your files are transferred very quickly.

If users want to send the original quality of photos to their loved ones, then some tricks are also available for this which we are going to tell you in this article. Users can send the original quality of the photos by following the steps given below.

How to send high-quality photos to your loved ones?

1) Users have to open their Whatsapp account and the contact to whom they want to send the images.

2) In the chat screen, users will see a paper clip-like icon at the bottom, next to the camera icon.

3) Clicking on the paper clip icon and after clicking a list of icons will appear in front of you.

4) Tap on the documents option.

5) Now select the image you want to share in documents from your mobile phone.

6) If users are unable to find the photo, then tap on the 'Browse other docs' option available on the top.

7) After clicking on the 'Browse other docs' option, users can select the image from their phone gallery and click on send option to share high-quality photos on WhatsApp.

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