How to update PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is a very powerful battle royale game with millions of users worldwide and a lot of new players are being added to the game daily because the high-quality graphics and features available in the game make the game more fun. PUBG Mobile has recently released 1.6 updates and with this new update, new features have been launched in the game.

PUBG Mobile was launched worldwide on 20 December 2017 and after getting a tremendous response from the players, new features were launched regularly in the game. PUBG Mobile brings a new version of the game to its players after every 3 months, in which new features, skins, weapons are also launched for the players. PUBG Mobile players have to use UC to purchase in-game items, for which players have to use the payment methods given in the app. There are such applications in Google Play Store or Apple App Store that provide UC to players for free, players should not install those applications at all because doing so is against the policy of PUBG Mobile and if any player is using these applications to buy UC  then that player's account can be permanently banned. This question remains in the mind of all players that how can we update PUBG Mobile, so do not panic, we have the answer to all your questions, which we will tell you in detail.

How to Update PUBG Mobile?

There are two ways to update PUBG Mobile.

  • Update through Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • Update through APK file.

Download PUBG Mobile Update

a) Update through Google Play Store and Apple App Store

If players want to update PUBG Mobile, then the phone's application store is the best option for them, all you have to do is simply, whatever operating system you are using, you have to search "PUBG mobile" by visiting the phone's application store. By going to the PUBG Mobile official page, you can enjoy the new features by clicking on the 'Update' option from there.

PUBG Mobile Google Play Store Direct Link - Click Here

PUBG Mobile Apple App Store Direct Link - Click Here

b) Update through APK and OBB file

Updating PUBG Mobile through APK file is the best option for players in countries where the game has been banned. Considering the size of the APK file, you should first check the storage space of your device. If players have not downloaded the 1.6 update of PUBG Mobile, then they can download the APK file by clicking on the link given below.

PUBG Mobile 1.6 APK File Download

The OBB file isn’t needed. Simply install the APK file

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