PUBG Mobile bans 942,345 accounts permanently due to this reason

PUBG Mobile has published its new anti-cheating report on its social media handles and according to this report, 942,345 accounts have been made permanent. PUBG Mobile publishes anti-cheating reports every week and taking action against players who do not follow the game's policy, their accounts are banned permanently. PUBG Mobile has published the 2nd report for September and this 2nd report is published between September 10th to September 16th, 2021.

The developers of PUBG Mobile always bring some new updates to ban cheaters in the game and using the same features, million of cheater's accounts are permanently banned from the game every week. PUBG Mobile has launched the Anti-Cheating Squad in the game and sends the video of the accounts reported by the players after the squad to review them and if the Anti-Cheating Squad finds that the video provided for the review that hacks or cheats have been used in the game, then the official team of PUBG Mobile after reviewing that video, the account is banned permanently. PUBG Mobile has given this clear message for those players who try to spoil the environment of the game that if any kind of hacks or cheats is used in the game then there is no place in the game for those players.

PUBG Mobile has permanently banned 942,345 accounts for 3 main reasons which are given below

  • Modification of Character Model
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Speed Hacks/Auto-Aim Hacks/Modification of Area Damage

PUBG Mobile Anti-Cheating Report from September 10 to September 16

List of Accounts Banned

1) 17% Crown Accounts banned

2) 9% Silver Accounts banned

3) 15% of Diamond Accounts banned

4) 1% Conqueror Accounts Banned

5) 8% Gold Accounts Banned

6) 11% Platinum Accounts Banned

7) 27% Bronze Accounts Banned

8) 12% Ace Accounts Banned

List of Banned Cheats

1) 16% Accounts Banned due to Auto-Aim Hacks

2) 17% Accounts Banned due to X-Ray Vision

3) 33% Accounts Banned due to Modification of Character Model.

4) 15% of Accounts Banned due to Modification of Area Damage

5) 15% of Accounts are banned due to Speed Hacks.

6) 4% of Accounts banned where reason is not specified

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