How to reach Conqueror Tier in Season 17 of PUBG Mobile quickly?

PUBG Mobile Season 17 was already released on 19th January 2021 and all the players are now playing with the updated version of the game. Season 17 is more interesting as there are different types of ranks players want to achieve.

The conqueror tier is the most interesting tier in the current Season 17. We have brought some tips and tricks in this article on how to reach the Conqueror tier very rapidly in the current Season 17 of PUBG Mobile? 
  • Tip 1- How to use Utilities and Vehicles 

Vehicles are a vital piece of positioning pushing in PUBG Mobile. Vehicles are valuable in giving fast revolutions to the protected zone. A player can utilize a Dacia or UAZ as a good cover whenever found napping in an open zone. Use utilities like smoke projectiles and frag explosives with a goal. A player can take out the whole adversary crew with the assistance of a frag projectile. Smoke projectiles can be utilized to give adequate cover in conclusive zones. 
  • Tip 2- Combination of Weapons 

Great weapons are fundamental for rank pushing. A player should consistently choose weapons with which they are recognizable. Players who love to attack or lead should utilize both programmed attack rifles. In crew matches, one of the players needs to have an expert marksman rifle to get the advantage in the long-range gunfights. 
  • Tip 3- Centre of Attention on Loot 

Another significant hint when pushing towards the Conqueror level is to get done with plundering first. PUBG Mobile is about endurance and gathering the best weapons. Plan the arrival spot as per the flight way. For players who like to surge, their smartest option island at hot drops like Pochinki and Novorepnoye. Players who like to play securely in the match's underlying stages can visit urban areas like Gerogopol or Yasnaya Polyana. 
  • Tip 4- Focus to collect more Chicken Dinners 

While rank pushing in PUBG Mobile, a player should zero in more on dominating the game than getting murders. On the off chance that a player desires to push their position to Conqueror in Season 17, they should attempt to win more matches or secure the main three situations in each match to stay away from negative positioning focuses.
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