Government engaged in calculating the need for vaccine

With the corona vaccination approaching 100 crore doses, the government is now busy calculating its actual need. The government has set a target of complete vaccination of all adult citizens by December 31, but health ministry officials believe that hardly everyone in this group comes forward to get vaccinated. According to the statistics that are coming at the international level, 15-20 percent of people are avoiding getting vaccinated. Obviously predetermined for complete vaccination, fewer vaccines will be needed than the target. At the same time, in the case of vaccination of children, more than 80 crore doses will be required.

The number of people above 18 years of age in the country is about 94 crore and for this 188 crore doses are needed. A target has been set to vaccinate all these people by December 31. Senior Health Ministry official said that by 31 December, the target of producing so many doses of the vaccine will also be completed. If 15-20 percent of people do not come to get vaccinated, then about 150 crore doses will be needed. In such a situation, by the end of December, about 30-35 crore additional doses will be left. The official said that several options are being considered regarding the use of this additional dose.

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