Zinc will protect against cold and flu

According to new research, zinc is able to protect against symptoms like common cold, cold. In addition, flu-like infections and respiratory tract infections that occur in the community have a shorter recovery time. One of such respiratory system infections is caused by the rhinovirus. Most infections of the upper respiratory system are commonly caused by this virus. Apart from this, other viruses are adenovirus, parainfluenza virus and influenza virus. The research published in BMJ Open has been done on 5446 people of all age groups. 

The symptoms of common cold and cold were reduced by 28 percent in those consuming zinc. Flu-like symptoms were reduced by 68 percent. However, its effect was less, that is, only four percent when someone was intentionally infected with the rhinovirus. Apart from this, even when this infection is at its peak due to the consumption of zinc, its symptoms last only two days or three days. However, there is a possibility of a deficiency of copper during this infection. Therefore, the sense of smell can also be brought back by giving zinc tablets or through a nasal spray. Now it has been proved that its consumption is effective in the treatment of most the flu.

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