Gurmeet Debina worked together after 11 years

Actors and real-life husband and wife Gurmeet Chowdhary and Debina Banerjee have worked with each other after almost 11 years. Both have been seen in the recently released short film Shubho Bijoya. Earlier, both were seen in the role of Ram and Sita in the Ramayana serial. Gurmeet said that the specialty of a short film is that you get a chance to show some good work in a short time. You can take your talent to as many people as possible. In this short film, I have played a blind character. You cannot act with your eyes closed. The film was shot in four days, but my training lasted for seven days. 

Ayushmann Khurrana who trained to be blind in Andhadhun taught me to took training at home. I started shooting after learning all those who cannot see, how they move, how to recognize notes or coins. Now that training will be useful for me in some other project in future. Now I close my eyes many times. I fill the glass with water comfortably. One should do something different in life. Whatever you have learned, that skill should be kept on polishing. Regarding working together again after 11 years, Debina says, 'Earlier we were not so mature. Sometimes we used to get angry. It is not so now. We understood that we do our preparation separately, then only newness comes in the work. This short film has recently been released on the Big Bang digital platform.

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