PUBG Mobile Anti-cheating report from October 8th to October 14th, 2021

PUBG Mobile has published an anti-cheating report on its social media handles and in this new report 1,338,074 accounts have been permanently suspended. This report has been published by the developers of PUBG Mobile between October 8th to October 14th,2021. As always, PUBG Mobile publishes new anti-cheat reports every week, and action is taken against players who do not follow the game policy and most of these accounts are banned only for using hacks or cheats in the game.

PUBG Mobile has permanently suspended 1,338,074 due to 3 main reasons, the first reason is the Modification of the Character model and the second main reason is X-ray vision and the third main reason is Speed; Auto Aim Hacks. PUBG Mobile has recently organized a "Ban Pan Part 2" event to ban hackers and this event will run from October 12th, 2021 to November 5th, 2021. If players available in the game report cheaters or hackers, then they will be given rewards by PUBG Mobile. Today we are giving you detailed information about the ban report in this article and will tell why 1,338,074 were banned permanently?

PUBG Mobile Anti-cheating report from October 8th to October 14th,2021

  • List of Accounts Banned

1) 15% Crown Accounts banned

2) 9% Silver Accounts banned

3) 13% of Diamond Accounts banned

4) 1% Conqueror Accounts Banned

5) 7% Gold Accounts Banned

6) 9% Platinum Accounts Banned

7) 34% Bronze Accounts Banned

8) 12% Ace Accounts Banned

  • List of Banned Cheats

1) 12% Accounts Banned due to Auto-Aim Hacks

2) 12% Accounts Banned due to X-Ray Vision

3) 41% Accounts Banned due to Modification of Character Model.

4) 10% of Accounts Banned due to Modification of Area Damage

5) 12% of Accounts are banned due to Speed Hacks.

6) 13% of Accounts banned where reason is not specified

READBGMI Anti-Cheat Notice from October 1 to October 7

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