PUBG Mobile and BGMI 1.8 update: Top 9 confirmed features

The new beta version of the PUBG Mobile and BGMI 1.8 update has arrived. As always, along with new modes, new unique features are also coming in the upcoming version of PUBG Mobile and BGMI. It is being expected that like every update, the game's developers are bringing a lot of new features in the 1.7 updates this time, from new modes to new maps can also be added PUBG Mobile may collaborate with Spider-Man in the 1.8 update but nothing official has been announced regarding the release of this collaboration. Here is the list of top features confirmed in PUBG Mobile and BGMI 1.8.

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PUBG Mobile and BGMI 1.8 confirmed features

1. DBNO Swimming

With the 1.8 updates, players can revive their teammates in the water too. Right now it happens that whenever the enemy used to shoot in water then the player will die but after the arrival of this update, this was not going to happen at all. The need for this feature was among the most competitive which is going to

2. Graffiti Square Lobby Theme

This is a new lobby theme that will be seen in the new update. You can see its photo below.

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3. New Map Selection

The new interface of map selection is going to release in the new update which you can see in the image below.

4. New 3D Lobby Effect

As you move your phone, the camera movement is going to happen in the lobby as well. This feature is related to Gyroscope.

5. New Classic Map - Livik 2.O

The Livik map was still running in the beta version, but after this update comes, the new Livik map will be seen in the game. Grass, buildings have been modified in this along with this a new Vulcano theme has been added.

6.AI Bots Update

After the release of the PUBG Mobile 1.8 update, the bots of the game are going to be very powerful. The bots will crouch, peak, prone, and the latest thing in which bots are going to use Throwables.

7. Enemy Alert Indicator

Player's can enable this "Enemy Alert Indicator" option from the settings of their PUBG Mobile application. After enabling this new feature, the indicator will blink on the player's phone screen as soon as the enemy approaches, which will give an alert message and along with the direction of the anime can also be detected.

8. New Aftermath Mode

Players will get to see this mode in Livik right now. In this mode, players will get to see fixed red dots on guns, Gun Shop, Zipperlins.

9. Auto Jump Feature in Classic Maps

This mode appeared in earlier updates of the PUBG Mobile but in PUBG Mobile 1.8 update this feature will also be given for classic matches.

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