Shocking video of a Girl carrying Lion in her arms in Kuwait streets

A lion is a dangerous and powerful animal that humans are afraid to even go near it, but have you seen any girl carrying a lion in her arms? If not, then today we have brought such a shocking video for you, in which a girl is carrying Lion in her arms and taking her somewhere. According to the Middle East Monitor, this incident is from Kuwait City where the environmental police from the Ministry of Interior had received some complaints that a lion was seen roaming freely in the streets.

In this viral video, the lady who is carrying the lion is its owner and the lady had found the lion before the police reached and are seen taking it to her house. Owning exotic pets is illegal in Kuwait but many citizens continue to keep lions, cheetahs, tigers, and other predators, relying on their connections to ensure they do not get arrested for breaking the law. This shocking video is shared by a user on Twitter and users have also made funny comments about this video. One Twitter user wrote, "I think the cat had a dream it was a rockstar playing the drums, looks to be doing pretty well too." The other wrote, "That lion is acting like a spoiled child and it's make me smile so much".

Kuwaiti girl carries escaped lion in shocking video
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