Duck behave like an actor to save life from a dog, watch the viral video

Have you seen any bird acting? If not, then today we have brought a tremendous video for you in which a duck can be seen acting. A video is becoming very viral on social media in which a dog comes to the duck to catch and after seeing the dog, the duck acts to die in front of the dog to save its life. Watching the video it looks like the duck is dead but what happens after this has stunned internet users. As the dog goes away from the duck, then the duck gets up and runs away, and disappears somewhere in the grass. Internet users have become fans of Duck's acting in this viral video.

Twitter user Susanta Nanda From IFS (Indian Forest Services) upload this video and said, 

Tonic immobility is a behavior in which some animals become apparently temporarily paralyzed and unresponsive to external stimuli. Considered to be anti-predator behavior.Despite appearances, the animal remains conscious throughout tonic immobility.

Duck save life from Dog,Smart Duck

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