Truck dangling over the edge of 330-ft Cliff due to GPS error, Heart-stopping video

Global Positioning System (GPS) is said to be the most reliable tool to reach unknown places because by using it you can reach your destination very easily. In GPS, you can also see real-time traffic, the distance between two points, live location, which makes it easy for you to drive but these tools are not always accurate in charting the correct route, which is an example of a truck driver's video that went viral recently.

A video viral on social media in which a truck driver uses GPS to reach his destination and after that, you will be surprised to hear what happens to the driver. According to the GPS, the driver starts driving towards his destination and the GPS takes the driver to the mountain road. After walking for a while, the driver realizes that the GPS has brought him to the edge of a 350-ft cliff. This video of the truck driver that went viral is from China.

Truck dangling over the edge of 330 ft cliff

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