Viral video of beautiful friendship beween Dog and Lion playing together, watch now

Have you ever seen a lion befriend an animal? We know your answer will be "no" because most of us have seen lions killing other animals for their food but today we are going to share a video of such friendship with you which will make you say "wow what a friendship it is. A video of Lion and Dog's friendship is becoming fiercely viral on social media, which has been shared on Twitter.

In this video that went viral, a lion and a black dog can be seen playing with each other, in which the lion is giving love to the dog. This video of lion and dog has been shared by doglover_s on his Instagram account. The caption of the video reads "Such an incredible bond. The two grew up together and are now best friends." So far 435,202 users have liked this video which has gone viral and has also made beautiful comments praising their friendship.

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