Cute Viral video of a puppy and its father deep conversation, must watch

Often we get to see very cute videos of animals on social media, seeing which brings a smile to our face and today we have brought a video of one such puppy and its father which is becoming crazy viral on social media. It can be seen in this video that a puppy is sitting on the table and its father is standing in front of it. The puppy first barks at the sight of its father and then its father also barks at the sight of the puppy.

This happens 3-4 times in this video when both are barking looking at each other as if they are talking to each other on a very important topic. This video has been shared on a YouTube channel named 'Leo The Beagle' which has now got more than 18 million views. Netizens are giving their different reactions after watching this cute video. One user wrote "All parents need to have this conversation with their kids. It's super important." While another wrote "Awww, I can't help to find this moment so cute! So precious even when they're disagreeing."

A puppy and its father deep conversation
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