Viral video of a three year old brave girl trying to drink milk from mother elephant

A video of a cute girl is becoming fiercely viral on social media, in which she is showing bravery and trying to drink elephant's milk. It is clear from this video that this elephant is a domestic elephant. This video of the girl is winning everyone's heart because it shows the tremendous bonding of the elephant and the girl.

In this video that is going viral on social media, it is seen that a small girl whose age is only 2 or 3 years old, is trying to drink her milk by going to Mother Elephant. Elephant also allows the girl to drink milk and stands there calmly. This 54-second video is from Assam in which the girl tries to drink the elephant's milk 3-To 4 times but due to her small height, she fails to do so and finally starts playing with the elephant.

3-Year-Old Assam Girl Drinks Milk from Elephant
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