Punjab: Troubled by the power cut, people blocked the highway in Bathinda, beat up JE in Pathankot.

Residents of Bathinda and Pathankot are expressing their frustration with prolonged power cuts lasting up to 10-12 hours, leading to protests against Powercom. In Bathinda, a group of people staged a 'chakka jam' on the Barnala Highway, while in Pathankot, an angry mob stormed into Powercom's office and physically assaulted a JE present there.  

In Bathinda, hundreds of people gathered at Ballaram Nagar Chowk early on Sunday morning, blocking all roads with their vehicles. The resulting traffic jams caused significant disruption in both directions. After an hour and a half of protests, XEN Engineer Sandeep Garg arrived on the scene and assured residents that the issue would be addressed. Following this, the picket was called off.  Meanwhile, in Pathankot, the situation escalated as an angry mob entered Powercom's office and attacked a JE present there. This kind of violence is unacceptable and should not be condoned under any circumstances. It is important for all parties involved to work together to find a peaceful and constructive solution to the issue of power cuts.

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