Watch the adorable video of a bird buliding its nest with the help of leaves and stems

We know the beauty of nature and some things made by nature are such that we are very surprised. The clip of a bird is becoming very viral on social media, which is the best example of the beauty of this nature. It can be seen in this video that a bird is sitting on a tree and is collecting the stems of the leaves with its beak to make a nest and the most interesting thing about this video is that the bird is collecting all these in its tail. 

This 30 seconds video has been shared by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra on his Twitter account and in the caption of the video it is written that "The little #Columbidae bird, cleverly collecting part of the leaves to make a nest, is one of the most skilled architects of nature." Can be counted...". This video has got over 98K views so far and this blue-green bird belongs to the Columbidae family. Netizens are very fond of this video and are giving very priceless reactions after seeing the skills of Bird. One Twitter user wrote, "These are the best architects of nature/universe" while another wrote "She's so intelligent and meticulous!! And cute too..! Wow!"

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