Its’s Funny ! Watch monkey reaction after watching a magic trick of zoo visitor in a viral video

Nowadays every smartphone user is active on social media and follows many channels or accounts on which they get to watch very funny videos so that they can spend some leisure time even during this busy life. We often get to see very funny videos of animals on social media and today we have brought you such a video of a monkey's priceless reaction which will surely put a smile on your face.

This video of the monkey is from a zoo where a visitor performs a magic trick in front of a monkey. This video has been posted on TikTok by Maximiliano Ibarra. In this video, it can be seen that a zoo visitor is performing some magic tricks in front of Monkey and after seeing it, Monkey gives a very funny face reaction. Seeing the magic trick, Monkey starts running here and there and is very surprised. At the end of the video, the visitor once again performs a magic trick in front of the monkey, and seeing it, the monkey runs away and does not return. Seeing this video, social media users are giving their different reactions.

Monkey appears completely shocked at a visitors magic trick at the zoo
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