Watch the cute viral video of a little girl covering dog ears during fireworks, internet loved it

Often we get to see many videos of love and bonding between humans and animals on the internet and many of these videos are such that they bring a smile to our face. Today we have brought one such video for you, in which a lot of love has been seen between a cute little girl and a dog and we can say that after watching this video once, you will be forced to watch it again and again. .

This video going viral is from the time of fireworks during the Chinese New Year celebrations when people were celebrating it with great pomp outside their homes. During this fireworks, a puppy seemed scared and was sitting on the side facing down, so a little girl comes near it and as soon as the firecrackers start blowing, she presses the ears of the puppy with her hands so that puppy is not afraid to hear the noise again. The video that went viral was shared by a Twitter user named @tongbingxue and the caption of this video reads "Heartwarming moment during Chinese New Year celebration: The little girl covers her pet's ears to avoid the scare of fireworks".

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