Neymar's Saudi debut delayed, Al Hilal coach told he is injured

Al Hilal's new signing, Neymar, will have to exercise patience before making his debut in Saudi Arabia. The head coach of Al Hilal, George Jesus, has revealed that Neymar will be sidelined until September due to an ankle injury. This unfortunate setback has delayed the Brazilian superstar's introduction to the team. However, there is optimism that Neymar will recover in time to join his new teammates by September.  

Neymar's move to Al Hilal came after his departure from the French club Paris Saint-Germain. The talented forward signed a two-year contract with Al Hilal, bringing his skills and experience to the Saudi Arabian club. Fans and supporters of Al Hilal will have to wait a little longer to witness Neymar's impact on the team, but the anticipation remains high.  

The ankle injury has undoubtedly been a disappointment for both Neymar and Al Hilal, as they were eager to see the player in action. However, injuries are a part of the game, and it is crucial for Neymar to prioritize his recovery to ensure he returns to the field in full form. Once he is fit and ready, Neymar's presence in the Al Hilal squad will undoubtedly add a new dimension to their attacking prowess and increase their chances of success in domestic and international competitions.

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