Watch the viral video of wild dogs trying to hunt deer’s on edge of cliff

We get to see many viral videos on social media, some of which are very shocking, and some videos are really surprising for us.  A Video of deer and wild dogs are going viral on the internet, in which it can be seen that three deers are standing on the edge of the cliff to save their lives and wild dogs are trying very hard to catch them.

Some wild dogs are standing under the cliff so that if the deer jumps down, it can be caught and some wild dogs try to catch the deer by going over the cliff but it is not possible to catch the deer as they all are standing on the edge of a cliff. After waiting for some time, all the deer can save their lives from the wild dogs, and after that, all the wild dogs leave from there. This video has been shared on a YouTube channel named 'Latest Sightings' which has been seen by more than 4 million users so far. The caption of this video read "This is the moment wild dogs try to hunt down klipspringers that are cornered on the edge of a cliff. Will these antelopes, and their hooves, keep their cool?". Netizens are giving different reactions to this video. One user wrote, "I'm impressed with both parties here. The wild dogs realized the reward wasn't worth the risk and the antelopes demonstrated immense patience and calmness under pressure."

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