A group of cheetahs entering into a safari vehicle, watch what happens next

A video from MASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE, Kenya is getting crazy viral on social media handles and has been shared on the YouTube channel 'DoRaLiWi'. In this video, we can see some tourists going for a jungle safari and they saw a group of cheetahs. The driver of the vehicle has to stop the vehicle for the tourists for some time as they all had to click the pictures of cheetahs but a bunch of cheetahs comes near the car and what happens after that will definitely surprise you. After approaching the car, a cheetah climbs onto the bonnet of the car and two cheetahs climb on the roof of the car. All the tourists sitting in the car are scared very much because a cheetah reaches very close to them but it does not attack them.

This video of Cheetahs is becoming very viral on social media, which has got 1,11,29,799 views so far. Youtube viewers are giving their different reactions to this amazing video. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, "Driver is like, hey there tourists welcome to Kenya... am sitting here in the cabin you are on your own. While another user has written "South Africa and Kenya are really King." and Queen of Africa, so wonderful and even great people to work with, excellent memories."

Cheetah jumps into a Safari Vehicle
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