An amazing video of a Bird singing Harry Potter theme music is must-watch, viral video

A video of a Little hummingbird is getting crazy viral on social media, which has been shared by the owner of this bird on her Instagram account. Harry Potter was a blockbuster Hollywood movie series and the theme song of Harry Potter also became very popular across the globe. The video that we have brought for you today has got more than 20 million views so far as the Humming Bird is sitting on the shoulder of its owner and singing to the theme song music of Harry Potter. A European starling is breaking the internet with its amazing musical talent. 

The video of a bird which is going viral on social media has been shared on the 'animalsdoingthings' Instagram page, which has received 2,207,616 likes so far. Instagram users are sharing this great music video of Humming Bird on their Instagram accounts. One user commented and wrote "In the description box on TikTok she said that he's imitating the breath she was taking during learning the tune. While another user wrote "Okay but like THE TALENT OF THIS BIRD IS TOO MUCH FOR ME !!!! DOES HE TAKE REQUESTS??????."

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