Watch the skills of Eagle to catch the Mountain goat in viral video

Have you ever seen the skills of an eagle hunting mountain goat? Today we have brought one such video for you, in which an eagle is seen hunting mountain goat differently and netizens are reacting to this skill of hunting eagle. In this video going viral, it can be seen that Eagle sees a goat on the mountain and looks for the right opportunity to hunt it. As soon as the goat reaches the height of the mountain, the eagle flies to attack it and goes to the goat and grabs it in its claws. The eagle flies the goat with a little bit of air and what happens after that will blow your senses. The same skills of the eagle are being praised, in which after taking a little bit of its prey in the air, it drops it down and the goat collides with the stones from such a height that it is impossible to survive. The goat dies after falling from such a height and the eagle starts eating it.

This video of 2 minutes 3 seconds has been shared on 'IVM Sky Animals' YouTube channel.  This viral video has been viewed 16,195,808 times so far. One user wrote "Me before watching the video: "How is a 20 lbs bird going to carry a 100 lbs goat back to it's nest" me at 1:35 "Okay, it totally didn't need to carry that goat back to the nest." While this user wrote a funny comment, "The eagle wanted to test to see if the goat could fly.

Eagles hunting Mountain goat
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