Shocking viral video of a mountain goat thrown alive by an eagle from the sky, watch here

The eagle is a very clever hunter who attacks his prey from the sky and it is almost impossible for any animal or bird to escape from its clutches and today we have brought you one such shocking video of an eagle. Eagle attacks the mountain goat very cleverly to make it its prey and uses a completely different method to kill it. Mountain goats reach the top of the mountain very quickly and when an eagle sees the goat on the top of the mountain, it attacks it to hunt it. As soon as the eagle reaches the goat, it tightly clasps it in its paws and takes it in the air and flies with it, but what happens after that is very shocking. After taking the goat to the heights of the mountain, the eagle frees the goat from its claws and the goat falls on the stones from a very high height and dies after falling down.

This video going viral has been shared on YouTube on a channel called 'Wild Life Videos' which has got 27,84,189 views so far. Sharing this video, his caption reads "Watch this giant eagle catch a goat from the mountain, fly with it and then throw it to fall on the ground to hit the land as a ball down to the end, the eagle then enjoys his ready meal. This shows how this eagle has improved his technique on hunting bigger animals with minimum effort to kill it."

Giant Eagle throws a Goat alive from the sky
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