Heartwarming video of a mother and son flying first time as pilot and copilot

A heartwarming video is going viral on social media in which a mother and her son fly a plane together for the first time as a pilot and copilot. This video which is going viral on the internet is from Mother's Day when an Indigo Airlines pilot made the day special for his mom on the flight by dedicating an emotional speech to her. Aman Thakur, a 24-year-old pilot, first welcomed his mother with a bouquet and then started addressing all the passengers on the flights. Addressing the passengers, Aman Thakur says that he travelled with his mother for 24 years as a passenger in flight but today he is very happy to be flying with her as a co-pilot.

This video, which is going viral on social media, has been shared on Twitter, which has got 6,346 views so far. Indigo Airlines pilot Aman Thakur said in his speech on the flight "Ladies and gentlemen, boys & girls, this is your first officer Aman Thakur. May I please have your attention for a while? As we all know It a very special day being Mother's Day. I am sure you must be pouring all your love and respects to your mother. I would like to make a small homage to my mum on Mother's Day. It's been 24 years in my life that I've been flying as a passenger with my mum on various flights on various airlines and in IndiGo. So, today marks a very special day for me as I will be co-piloting this flight with her. you so much for being there for me," he said."

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