A small river in Canada freezes and disappers instantly, watch the viral video

Have you ever seen a small or narrow river freezes instantly? If not, then today we have brought a tremendous video for you, in which a stream seems to be freezing instantly. This video of the stream is becoming fiercely viral on social media, which has been shared on Twitter. The video that went viral was recorded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and it has wowed viewers as to how quickly the stream in the video looks like it disappears.

This video is an example of Frazil ice and as per the official website NSIDC, frazil is small needle-like ice crystals, typically 3 to 4 millimeters in diameter, suspended in water, that represent the first stages of sea ice growth; they merge under calm conditions to form thin sheets of ice on the surface, frazil crystals consist of nearly pure freshwater. The video, which went viral, has seen different reactions from Twitter users, with one user writing in the comment box "WOW! That is amazing! Something this FL girl will never see." While another wrote, "This may be the coolest thing I have ever seen". This 1-minute video is being shared fiercely on Twitter.


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