Viral Video of California police officers reach Punjabi wedding after getting noise complaint but what happened next is totally unexpected

Many funny videos on social media make us laugh and today we have brought one such video for you which is very funny. this video was shot during the ongoing Punjabi Wedding Function in California, United States when two California Police Officers arrived at a Punjabi wedding function after noise complaints but what happens after that is very interesting. We know that any wedding is incomplete without Punjabi songs because everyone is forced to dance to Punjabi music and the same thing happened to the police officers who arrived at the wedding after noise complaints, who never stopped themselves from dancing to Punjabi songs. The cops did not shut down the party and agreed to join them with a few dance moves! The cops decided to celebrate along with them and started dancing to the Punjabi song Mama Bada Great by Malkit Singh.

The video was shared on Instagram by Kanda Productions, a Wedding photography and videography company based in California. The clip is captioned, "When the cops get called, but it's a Punjabi Wedding (wait for the flashlight)." Natizens are giving their different reactions on this video. One user commented and wrote "they were super chill thank you while another user wrote "It's so good to see that our officers can bring smiles to our community at the same time while on duty."

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