Heartwarming viral video of a man offering water to Thirsty Sparrow, Internet loved it

A video of a man's kindness is going viral on the internet, in which he is offering water to a thirsty bird. Summer time is going on in India and the temperature is going very high. We need water for survival in this high temperature and so is the case with birds that are not intelligent like humans but they also need water in this scorching heat. For the birds, we should keep water and grains outside our homes so that the birds can also save themselves from this scorching heat. A heart-touching video is going viral on social media in which a man is seen giving water to a thirsty bird.

It can be seen in this viral video that a tired and thirsty sparrow on the road, is unable to move much. A man puts water in the cap of the bottle and takes it to the bird and pours it into its beak. As soon as the bird drinks water, it stands up after drinking water, and then the man gives it more water. This video going viral was shared by IAS officer Awanish Sharan on his Twitter account and wrote, "Do boond zindagi ke (Two drops for life)." After watching this video on social media netizens are praising this man and sharing their reactions by commenting. One user wrote, "This is really very great you did this sir, truth is we are all responsible to make every species in the earth as endangered state. We arrogated all the resources which belongs to them as well. We neither leaving anything for our future generations as well if put other species aside."

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