This Little Boy is feeding four Birds with his hands in a Viral video, users says "How Sweet"

Often we get some viral videos on social media that we want to see again and again. Some of the videos are such that we get to learn something. One such video of a little boy is becoming very viral on social media, which you would like to see again and again and this video is of a little boy who is feeding birds with his hands. This video has been shared on a Twitter account named @buitengebieden_ which has been viewed by 392.9K and retweeted by 3621 users so far.

In this video, it can be seen that a small boy is sitting with a bowl in his hand in which there is food and three birds come and sit near him and the boy is taking turns putting food in everyone's mouth and so another bird comes there and sits beside the boy. All the birds are sitting there comfortably and eating food. Twitter users have given their different reactions to this video. One user wrote, "A truly kind kid who's developed a sense of fairness this early." While another wrote, "This is so sweet!! A wonderful way to teach a child patience and kindness. Sleep well!".

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