In today's era, the strings of relationships are getting loose

Bharat and The Kashmir Files actor Atul Srivastava will be seen in the web series Ghar Wapsi in the coming days. Releasing on Disney Plus Hotstar on July 22, the show is based on "Ghar wapsi" of youths who have gone away from their villages and cities to earn money. However, in many cases, the word 'Ghar wapsi' is used to refer to a convert to that religion again.

In such a conversation about the show and the title, Atul says, 'When I heard the title of Ghar Wapsi for the first time, I had to go anywhere about the issue related to politics. From the very beginning, we have associated homecoming with returning to our home, village, and city. I do not take much interest in politics, but, yes, it is known that some incidents happened in between, due to which the word 'Ghar Wapsi' came into the discussion. The first word used on this earth is to come back to one's home and family. In the script of this show, the writer has carefully put even small things about relationships and family. In today's mobile era, the strings of our relationships are getting loose somewhere. I hope this show will reconnect the strings of relationships.

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