Adorable Viral Video of a Baby Sings Old MacDonald With Father, Internet says how cute

We get to see many great videos on the internet which are very funny and and today we have brought such funny videos of Father and Baby for you which has created a storm on the internet. In this viral video, the father and his son are seen collaborating on the song 'Old McDonald had a farm'. You must have heard a poem during childhood, 'Old McDonald had a Farm – E I E I O…' (Old McDonald had a Farm – E I E I O) which is loved by kids worldwide. In this video going viral, the father starts singing the song 'Old McDonald had a Farm – E I E I O…' in front of his son and the child also listens to the song very carefully. As soon as the child's turn comes to speak EIEIO, the child supports his father in a very cute way and completes his line.

The video was shared by Instagram user Alison Videla with a caption that read, “This video has over 100k views on #tiktokOk now it has 9million. The internet is a crazy place. and I don't know how that happened." Netizens are giving their different reactions on this video. One Instagram user commented, "Oh my my look at him just the way he says, he is sooo cute, I love him" while another Instagram user commented, "So 32 weeks later this is still going viral. I saw this on another page. Your baby is adorable!!!!"

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