Brain Teaser: Spot the odd one clock from the picture in 12 seconds

Brain Teaser Puzzle: Today we have come up with a new challenge for you, in which you have been given a picture of having many clocks and out of all these clocks, there is one clock which is different from the others. The time given to winning this challenge is only 12 seconds. Brain Teaser Puzzles are very interesting and fun to solve but you need concentration to solve them.

In this Brain Teaser Puzzle challenge, there are many clocks given in different rows and columns. If you find the odd one from the image in 12 seconds then you will be the winner of this challenge. Before starting the challenge, go through the image very carefully because it is quite difficult to find the odd one out of it.

Are you ready for this challenge? Yes

Look at the image carefully once as we are going to start this challenge

Your 10-second time starts now...



Did you find a clock which is different from the others? No?

Here is a clue for you

Hint: Search it on the 4th or 5th row of the picture

Maybe you got a little help from the hint? If yes then quickly find a different one


Stop! Your time is over now

If you have found the odd clock then many congratulations. If not, then the answer to this puzzle is given in the image below

Image Credit: Fresherslive

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