Optical Illusion: If you have eagle eyes then find the letter O among Qs in 8 seconds

Today we have brought an interesting challenge for you in the picture of Optical Illusion, in which you have to find out the letter O hidden among the Qs, for which you will be given 8 seconds. Optical Illusions challenges prove to be very efficient to test the human brain so that we can know how fast our brain works and how fast you can spot any hidden object. If you also want to improve your brain health, then you should also try to accept such challenges because this will make your brain exercise well.

You have to watch this image of optical illusions with great concentration because finding the O among so many Qs is a tough challenge. This Optical Illusion will also test your observation and intelligence skills because those who have better observation skills will be able to find the hidden answer in this challenge. Now let's start this challenge without delay but remember you have only 8 seconds to complete this challenge.

Are you ready for this challenge?


your 8 second time starts now




Hurry up time is running out

Do you see any O in the image?

Try to find it in the right side of the image you will see O somewhere


Your time is up

Congratulations to the users who have found the answer to this challenge and those who are still searching for the answer to this optical, don't be disappointed, we are highlighting the answer to this challenge in the image below.

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