Oscar Awards 2023: Naatu Naatu's choreography was selected from 110 hook moves

KK Senthil Kuma, cinematographer of the song 'Naatu Naatu' says... To be honest, somewhere we knew that we would bring the Oscars, because we had won many global awards apart from the Golden Globe, so it was not much of a surprise. Although there is no doubt that it is a matter of pride for our country. From the very beginning of making 'Naatu Naatu' we knew that this song would be a hit. According to the story of the film, it was not easy to place a song like 'Naatu Naatu'. Although we were making a commercial film. While making this song, choreographer Prem Rakshit had come up with a lot of hook steps and Rajamouli sir had finalized this step.

A lot of rehearsals had to be done, it was very difficult for the actors too as the song had very energetic steps. The fight between the British and the lead actors was also to be shown through the dance steps of this song, which was not easy. Actors used to get tired, there used to be long takes. Its shooting went on for about 12 days. This song is like a celebration for our local music. It is related to our culture. Our culture based song getting standing ovation from western audience is a proud moment not only for Telugu cinema but for the country. It is a big thing for regional cinema to get an Oscar and it is also a responsibility. Obviously people's expectations will increase from us.

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