Oscars Awards 2023: The Elephant Whisperers Director spent 5 years with elephants in the jungle

On receiving the award for 'The Elephant Whispers', Guneet Monga said... 'We have just won the first Oscar for any Indian production. Two women did this. I'm still trembling. To Karthik and all the women watching for bringing and weaving this story... The future is here, let's go, Jai Hind.' Guneet tells...' Karthiki, the director of the documentary, shot 450 hours of footage over 5 years. Out of that we extracted 40 minutes of good visuals. Its story is about Boman, Bailey and Raghu (baby elephants) living in Madumalai Reserve. Karthik befriends Raghu for a year. Meanwhile, she kept shooting his videos. That footage was shared with Netflix and then Netflix asked me to produce it. I joined it as a creative producer. The funding was done by the OTT banner only.

On the other hand, director Kartiki Gonsalves said in happiness of getting the award... 'This award is for my motherland India. I gave it my five years. Bonding with baby elephant Raghu has been my whole journey. Even if it took me 15 to 20 to make it, I would have given it. My childhood was spent on horse riding, on the banks of rivers. I have a background in nature history and documentary photographer. I was only 18 months old, since then I have been fond of coming and going in the forests.

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