America: Blacks suffer depression due to fear of police violence

Three years have passed since the death of black George Floyd at the hands of a police officer, but the fear of police violence remains in the hearts and minds of blacks. In America, the death rate of black people at the hands of the police is three times higher than that of whites. The number of such deaths is increasing year by year. The families of the deceased and others remain fearful because of such incidents. A 2021 study of hospitals in five states found that deaths of unarmed blacks in police violence are related to increased cases of depression among blacks. The New York Times talked to 110 blacks in 20 American cities about this issue. 79 percent of the parents said that police violence affects their mental state. More than half expressed sadness, anger and fear over police violence. Some also said that black people feel safer when they see a police officer. So some people said that they feel restless seeing the officer. 44 percent of Black adults said it was difficult for them to go about their daily tasks after learning about a Black person being harmed by the police.

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