Punjab: B-Com pass youth hanged himself if he did not get US visa

Troubled by the visa refusal of America in Nurmahal village Bhandal Buta, 25-year-old Deepak committed suicide by hanging himself. Balwinder Pal, 59, told the police that his younger brother Joginder Pal had died about 15 years ago. He has three boys. The eldest son Vinay has gone abroad. The younger one is Deepak Kumar and the youngest is Mandeep Kumar. Deepak was B-Com pass. He applied to go to America. His visa got refused about 5 days back. Due to this, Deepak started living in tension. Deepak slept in the room after dinner on Sunday night. The door did not open on Monday morning. When he went inside after scaling the wall, he saw that Deepak was hanging from the noose.

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