PUBG update 9.2 is now Live : Read Complete Details Here

The new update 9.2 of the PUBG has now been released and this brings an exciting new way to traverse and fight on Battlegrounds. The new vehicle has been introduced in this updated version named ‘DIRT BIKE’. The Dirt Bike is a new single-rider vehicle having fast acceleration.

New Feature - Dirt Bike & Driver Shooting | PUBG

This bike is having 130 kilometers/hour top speed. With the arrival of the Dirt Bike also comes the ability to fire sidearms while driving most vehicles. With this update, the players who are looking for new friends can check out the new Team Finder. Players can easily search for the teammates very quickly and easily and communicate with them on playgrounds.

The new in-lobby chatbox was also added in this updated version. The new character-themed pass based on Karakin’s “Battle Bride” Sadiya introduced in version 9.2.

After purchasing the pass the players will be able to unlock the new skins which are specific to Sadiya. This pass is independent of the survivor pass and having its own level and rewards. This all-new update is only available for PUBG PC. 

Read Complete Patch Notes Here -

 New Vehicle Dirt Bike: Characteristics
  1. Great acceleration with a top speed of 130 km/h.
  2. Off-road suspension provide superb performance on uneven terrain compared to other vehicles. 
  3. Outstanding maneuverability with the ability to disengage the clutch when handbraking to block auto-gearbox and allow hard turns while preserving engine RPM and momentum.
  4. Added ability to alter pitch using Shift and Ctrl keys during acceleration/braking.

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