PUBG Mobile: How to report Hackers using customer email?

PUBG Mobile is the famous Battle Royale game and the most popular game worldwide due to its high-quality graphics. PUBG Mobile was the highest-grossing game worldwide in the year 2020 and the popularity of this game is increasing day by day between the youngsters. 
There are millions of players worldwide who trust in fair gameplay but some players want to win the game by using hacks. The hackers in the game just try to spoil the mood of the other players who try to play the fair gameplay. To ban these hackers, PUBG Mobile always comes with day to day updates in the game. PUBG Mobile is publishing the 'Anti-cheating report' every week where millions of accounts are permanently banned and these banned accounts will no more accessible. We are writing this article that if you also want to report the hackers, you can follow the steps given below and report cheats by using the customer email. 
Steps to Report Cheats in PUBG Mobile through customer email:- 
  • Players have to generate a ticket first. 
  • Players to provide the 'Report Ticket Title' means they have to provide the hacker nickname or UID. 
  • Provide content to report Hacker with nickname or UID 
  • Provide video link or attach the file which explains cheating descriptions means the type of cheat tools used by the hacker. 
If the players want to report a hacker through the In-Game channel than they should click on the 'Report' button. After clicking on the report button, the security system of the PUBG Mobile will automatically detect the account of hacker and will take the action accordingly.
 Here is the email to report a cheater in PUBG Mobile:-
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