Reduce LAG in PUBG Mobile 1.2, Secure Chicken Dinner now

PUBG Mobile has recently implemented the lightweight installation and with this change, the size of the game is reduced to 610 MB. As we all know that PUBG Mobile has become an FPS game platform. FPS platform also means Floating Production System.

The FPS includes different types of features in a game. In PUBG mobile there are different types of maps, modes, styles and with these types of features, players can make their game more enjoyable and provides a diverse gaming experience.

PUBG launched the latest version of the game 1.2 and with this version, PUBG mobile has also launched the game with the lightweight installation. Now on google play store the size of the game is reduced from 1.19 GB to 600 MB and with this, the size of the game is reduced to 60%. During the installation process, the phone will recommend you to choose different sizes whom you want to choose.

PUBG MOBILE - Lightweight Installation Function

You can now download or delete features like maps, gameplay, and styles in the game anytime to reduce your storage space. PUBG Mobile has also added the smart delete feature in the new version 1.2 and with this feature, you can delete the unused resources anytime and this will reduce lag in your game.
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