Green tea and dark chocolate can compete with Corona

Researches are being conducted worldwide to find the bites of the coronavirus' (COVID-19). A new study conducted in the same exercise claims that green tea and dark chocolate can help combat this deadly virus. The chemical compound corona, found in such foods, can inhibit the functionality of a specific enzyme called K protease.

A researcher from North Carolina State University in the United States said, "Proteins are important for health as well as cells and viruses. If proteases are inhibited, many functions of cells can be disrupted. We have also focused on the lab on the discovery of nutrients in foods or medicinal plants that can prevent the virus from attaching to human cells.

He said, according to research published in the journal Frontliners in Plant Science, the researchers identified various chemical compounds of the plant with the main protease (MPro) of COVID-19 and studied in computer and lab about its effects. These chemical compounds have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-like properties.

Xi said, 'COVID-19-requires a Mpro to produce its replica. If we interrupt or deactivate this protease, the virus will disappear. Studies done on computers have found the ability to bind to MPro in the chemical compound of green tea, cocoa powder, and dark chocolate.
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