Hackers Alert: PUBG Mobile banned over 1,754,008 accounts this week

The famous battle royale game PUBG Mobile has banned a total of 1,754,008 accounts from 01 January 2021 to 7 January 2021. PUBG Mobile always brings new updates to protect the game from cheaters and hackers and to keep the interest of the PUBG players in the game.

PUBG Mobile has also removed more than 125,000 hacking videos posted on the social media platform. Now PUBG Mobile has published the eighteenth report regarding account banned. In the latest report, PUBG Mobile has banned more than 17 million accounts permanently and now the blocked accounts will no more accessible.

The first anti-cheating report was published on 29th August 2020 and a total of 1,273,152 accounts were banned permanently. The last anti-cheating report of 2020 banned over 2,395,952 accounts for cheating. 

Here is the break-up of the Banned Accounts from 01st January 2020 to 7th January 2021 
  •  2 % of Conqueror Accounts 
  •  8% of Ace Accounts 
  •  12% of Crown Accounts 
  •  14% of Diamond Accounts 
  •  11% of Platinum Accounts 
  •  8% of Gold Accounts 
  •  9% of Silver-tier Accounts 
  •  36% of Bronze tier Accounts
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