PUBG Mobile Hackers Ban: 3,884,690 Accounts Banned this Week

PUBG Mobile recently shared the Anti-cheating report two days back on the official Instagram channel and according to the report shared 3884690 accounts banned permanently. These accounts will no more accessible and banned permanently for accessing the game. This anti-cheating is published from June 18 to June 24, 2021.

PUBG Mobile official team continuously working to ban hackers in the game and for this investigator, the squad reports the players that are using hacks or cheats in the game. After getting the hacking report from the squad, the official team will review the video and ban the account of the user permanently if any cheats found on the same. PUBG Mobile also ban the accounts of the players if they are using any third-party applications to get loot available in the game.

Here are the majority of reasons why the PUBG Mobile team banned millions of accounts this week :

  • Modification of Character Model
  • Other Hacks
  • Speed Hacks/X-Ray vision

Here are the types of accounts banned from June 18th to June 24th, 2021

  • Ace Accounts-14% banned
  • Crown Accounts-27% banned
  • Diamond Accounts-25% banned
  • Platinum Accounts- 13% banne
  • Gold Accounts- 6% banned
  • Silver Accounts-4% banned
  • Bronze Accounts-10% banned
  • Conqueror Accounts-1% banned

PUBG Mobile Banned Cheats in the latest BAN PAN Report:-

  • 2% due to Auto-Aim Hacks
  • 5% due to X-Ray Vision
  • 76% due to Modification of Character Model
  • 5% due to Speed Hacks
  • 4% due to Modification of Area Damage
  • 8% where reason not specified.

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