How hackers are using DDoS tool to execute all 99 enemies in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is a very well-known game for its popularity around the world and the game was the highest-grossing revenue in the year 2020. However, the developers and players of the game always facing difficulty from hackers and cheaters.
The hackers of the game always find a way to win the game but this type of play will not be counted as fair play. PUBG Corporation always coming with the latest updates on the security of the game but hackers are always one step ahead of the developers. PUBG Mobile's anti-cheating system banned millions of accounts in the last months.

DDoS Attack Explained
Hackers are using different types of tricks to win the game and the most commonly used tricks are Auto Aim and X-ray vision. There is also a type of hack in which all the 99 players in the battleground will freeze and hackers kill the players to win the game. As per the report given by Insidesport, hackers of the game always find new ways that allow them to DDoS the server of the game.
The full form of DDoS has distributed denial of service attacks. Most of the players are using their social media account to login to the PUBG Mobile account and hackers are using DDoS attacks then players will disconnect from the game. After disconnection from the game, the hackers will kill or shot the players.
Important Note:-
DDoS attacks are not legal and cost up to 10 years of imprisonment and a fine of up to 50000 dollars. The report likewise recommends that con hackers are using developer tools and contents which they are offering many dollars to other hackers on the Internet.
This device is explicitly made for PCs running on Windows 10 working framework. Programmers utilize Game circle Emulator or other Emulator to run the DDoS device to assault the PUBG Mobile server which builds up to 900 pings causing server break.
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